Popular Rides in Jackson NH

Group Rides

Monday Rides from the shop. Join us for a new route every week in the Jackson Area for a unique route. On gravel roads and up steep climbs right from the shop. Starting date TBD.

We have complied a list of rides we recommend in the Jackson Area. Whether you are on a pedal assisted e-bike or a normal bike these routes will allow you to explore the scenic parts of Jackson.

SHORT (~1hr)


Take a spin up the famous Switchback road in Jackson, NH. Right from town climb up the the 7 switchbacks on Switchback Way up to Presidential Road. Enjoy the beautiful views of the presidential mountains from Presidential Road and on the decent down Tin Min Road. 

Jackson Standard

Pedal past the standard Jackson landmarks. Start by climbing past the beautiful Jackson Falls right up Carter Notch road. Go past the Carter Notch Inn. Turn right onto Moody Farm Road and enjoy the afternoon sun. Stop in at Black Mountain and say hi to the horses and then coast down to the shop.


Prospect Farm

Head up Carter Notch road past the Eagle Mountain Golf. Pedal along the winding roads until the roads turn into dirt. Take a right at onto the first nordic trail and then take another right at the next intersection. This will bring you to one of the best views of Mount Washington. Turn around and coast down to the shop.

Dundee-Thorn Hill 

Enjoy some of Jackson's finest waterfalls, dirt roads, and climbs. The Dundee-Thorn Hill loop with an added out and back is a perfect short ride. This ride has scenic river views 

LONG (~3hr)

There are many longer ride options in the valley. We'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

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