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We came to coffee in a roundabout way. You know early mornings; the alarm sounds and you’re up to get after it. For us, this also means that a warm cup of coffee is consumed and, to be honest, that’s why we started to roast our own; a passion for big outdoor pursuits goes handedly with caffeine. Whether it’s to get up at 5am for a powder day in the winter, or going for that mid-summer hut traverse, we push the limits and we love our caffeine as it keeps us going. 

We are two athletes with a taste for freshly roasted coffee who like to run, bike, ski, and hike through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It was on an early-season run through Evans Notch when we both agreed that it was time to begin roasting ourselves and to share the end result. After a few trial batches--and only one roaster fire--we felt confident that our product could be enjoyed by many.

We are pleased to offer a variety of single origin beans in addition to our blends, which are all hand-roasted at the shop on Main Street in Jackson, New Hampshire. We roast in small batches and maintain a roast-to-order policy ensuring that our roasting schedule will always deliver you the roasted coffee that is ideal in color, smell and flavor.  


Offerings (ORDER HERE):

Costa Rican Naranjo Finca Gaia (Washed): We were excited to place an order for this bean before our vendor sold out! This super bright bean is best brewed as pour-over, but we’ve also enjoyed the bright clean tasting notes present in a pot of drip coffee as well. We hope you enjoy this bean, which is roasted on the lighter side to highlight the citrusy flavor profile (think grapefruit). 

Husband and wife, Fernando and Angie Altmann, began growing coffee in 2015. They named their estate “Gaia,” which is the Greek ancestral deity for the mother of all earth. Through careful attention and farming practices, the Altmann’s have earned a reputation throughout Central America for producing quality coffee beans.

Ethiopian (Yirgacheffe): This one is for the day off when it’s time to read the paper and take in the slow morning while relishing the nuances. We roasted this full-bodied bean on the lighter side to let you taste that smooth cup of coffee with subtle notes of blueberry. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do on that much needed day of rest!

Yirgacheffe is perhaps one of the most abundant and well-established coffee regions in the world. This bean is an Ethiopian Heirloom varietal and was grown on the Worka cooperative, which has about 300 members and is part of the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, an umbrella organization established in 2002 to promote sustainable farming practices in the ethnic Gedeo region of Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe beans will typically have tasting notes reminiscent of blackberries and blueberries.  

Guatemala (SHB Hueheutenango Coyequal): Similar to the Costa Rican bean, this medium roasted Guatemala SHB bean has some citrusy brighter tasting notes. However, the body of the coffee has hints of caramel and we think this helps round out the tasting notes for those who like a bolder roast. Our Guatemalan bean will surely help to inspire the next adventure in the mountains as you sit down and sip a cup (or two) of this very well-balanced cup o’ joe! 

This fully washed bourbon varietal bean was grown at about 5,600 feet in the village of El Coyequal, which has about 500 inhabitants in the Hueheutenango region of Guatemala. 

Organic Colombia Sierra Nevada Sol Naciente: Looking for a go-to single origin bean that is great for pour-over? We’ve enjoyed the bright tasting notes typically tasted in a South American bean. Due to the harvesting season, we were unable to reorder our last Colombian bean, but nevertheless, we were thrilled to get this slightly different caturra bean from the Sierra Nevada region.

Sol Naciente was created in 2008 with the goal of unifying competing coffee producers to help promote better growing practices throughout the region. Many of the producers were victims of armed conflict who are also part of a land restitution project. Now that these farmers have regained the majority of their land, they have decided to grow high quality organic coffee. 

Mexico Esmeralda Natural (Decaf): Savor the taste but don’t want the rush? This decaf is just for you!

 This Esmeralda bean has been decaffeinated using an organic compound called  Ethyl Acetate (EA). This method involves soaking the green, pre-roasted, beans in water to expand their size for caffeine extraction. The beans are then soaked in EA, which bonds the caffeine molecules and breaks them away from the bean. The beans are rinsed in water to remove any remaining bits of caffeine molecules.  Ethyl Acetate is a naturally occurring organic compound found in fruits and vegetables that has been processed for coffee decaffeination. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions on our decaf coffee! 

Organic Bali Blue Moon (Wet Hulled): If maple syrup were a tasting note, we’d use it to describe this bean! A medium roasted Indonesian bean is rather uncommon, however, we think the roast profile fits this bean extremely well! The darker- or bold-tasting notes are still there on the front end of the cup, however, due to the processing method, exotic sweeter tasting notes are present on the finish. From the first moment we sampled this bean, we knew we had to get it to share with you. 

This certified organic bourbon typica varietal bean was grown in the shade of tangerine and orange trees, which some attribute to the sweeter tasting notes. After this bean was picked, it was then processed using the wet hulled method. What is wet hulled you may ask? Wet hulled is a processing method (not to be confused with standard wet processing) that is mostly unique to Indonesia. Instead of drying the coffee to about 11% moisture for milling, due to the wet climate in Indonesia, these farmers dry the bean to only 50% moisture before shipping it to a mill for the mucilage (exterior of the bean) to be removed.

Organic Sumatra Aceh Ketiara: Like most Indonesian beans, we’ve found that this is great roasted on the darker side and can be the perfect accompaniment to any camping adventure. Press it, steep, pour it, or soak it, this bean is bold, durable, and is up to meet the day’s challenges.

This certified organic Adsenia varietal bean was produced in the Bener Meriah highlands of Indonesia. Most of the producers are women who tragically lost their husbands in the 2003 civil war, however, with help from the Aceh Ketiara cooperative these women are able support their families through agricultural practices that extend beyond coffee and include production of avocados, organes, chilis, and bananas. Similar to our single origin offering from Bali, this is a wet hulled bean and subtle sweet tasting notes accompany the bold dark brown-sugar taste that is common in a dark roast coffee.  

The FKT Shot Blend (Brazil Especial, Guatemala SHB, Organic Sumatra Aceh): Nothing like a big pot of drip to get you going for that sought after FKT! Then, after it’s over, pull a shot of afternoon espresso to help aid with that recovery. We blended these medium roasted beans to make a full-bodied blend that can be great brewed for drip coffee or espresso. We've adjusted this blend from the first version and made added the dark roast Sumatra for a bolder taste.  

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