Men's Cool Mesh Superlight Baselayer

Men's Cool Mesh Superlight Baselayer

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The Craft Cool Mesh Superlight Baselayer is like no other piece of clothing in my wardrobe. My Cool Mesh Superlight Baselayers get used year-round, both mountaineering and road racing.
Whether it is cold or hot out, this piece is generally chosen. The ultralight baselayer will fit under your tight clothing-greatly increasing breathability. With increased breathability, it is much easier to stay warm or cool all-day. 
The Superlight base layer is not just for top-level athletes. It is important that everyone who exercises feels comfortable while exercising. Being in pain (too cold or too hot) from improper dressing can be distracting and greatly decrease your performance. 
Product Details From Craft: 

One of our best selling baselayers, the Cool Mesh Superlight is designed to cool your body 6 degrees by using a six-channel Coolmax fiber and large hole mesh construction that creates the ideal evaporative cooling environment. This baselayer wicks moisture and drys quickly allowing your body to thermo-regulate during those hot summer rides, runs, or training sessions.

  • Excellent moisture transport.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Ergonomic fit for optimal freedom of movement.

Fit: Athletic

Fabric: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane

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