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Julbo Fury Noir/Rose SP3CF

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******* Julbo's says ********

Julbo raises the bar even higher with this FURY eyewear with its wide field of vision and perfect ventilation, it is cut out for speed.

With its radical and committed style, it has a cylindrical lens, combined with a Spectron polycarbonate lens for clear vision and perfect protection for all outdoor sports!
Its Spectron category 3 polycarbonate Spectron lens is very light and offers good impact resistance, making it perfect for sunny days and protecting you from strong light.
Lightweight and comfortable, the bezel is developed to fit under all helmets, it ensures a quality fit on the head in all conditions.

Its sharp lines are in keeping with the purest codes of modern cycling, while emphasising its technicality and performance, the FURY will give you even more crazy sensations of speed.

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