Fischer Transalp TS LITE Vacuum Boot

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Take the comfort of an alpine boot into the backcountry.

The Transalp TS Lite has been my boot of choice for the past two seasons. It still has an alpine feel, is absurdly comfortable with a vacuum fit, and is as light as any other alpine style AT boot on the market. It has a substantial range of motion in walk mode and provides enough stiffness to ski aggressively. I can't express the importance of the vacuum fit enough. I've had to spend $100 on boot work before and that was just to get them to stop causing hot spots, let alone even fit comfortably. These boots you can leave on all day and you're feet won't care.


  • Vacu-plast cuff and shell (Vacuum moldable): Perfect fitting at 80C for the anatomy of the foot for direct control impulses and more rebound through greater elasticity. Greater temperature stability and 15% less weight.
  • Lace Liners provide a better and more compact support in the shell and for the foot, especially on the insteps and heel fit.
  • Somatec - The natural V-position enables skiers to control their skis with absolute precision.
  • Party Mode - great cuff range of motion for skinning or partying and a lockout providing.
  • Dynafit Inserts - Guaranteed compatibility to all Tech-bindings and high wear resistance. Verified by longtime experience and use of these inserts.


COLOR: Yellow
SIZES: 23.5 - 30.5
CANTING: Borchia F 15 - black 
LAST: 97 - 107mm 
WEIGHT: 1550g / 26.5 
VELCRO STRAP: Touring Strap 40mm