Fischer Transalp Pro Boot

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The backcountry boot for the alpine racer in you.

After a couple seasons skiing on the TransAlp TS Lite, the Transalp Pro was a welcomed addition to Fischer's rapidly expanding line of AT boots. The Pro doesn't take any weight reducing shortcuts because it's all about downhill performance. They injected it with 130 flex plastic to provide stiffness that allows for precise control and power transfer to the ski. They used alpine buckles and a wide power strap to secure the foot in place. Unfortunately these don't come in a Vacuum option (one of the things I love most about my TransAlps) and you'll be towing a bit more weight with every step. However, you'll have the confidence to ski any backcountry line that you would with a full alpine setup in this boot. 


  • 130 FLEX - these boots won't fold up or lock out on you like most AT boots. 
  • Dynafit Inserts to work with almost any tech binding.
  • Perfect heel fit through Ultralon Padding in the heel and ankle area.
  • Lace Liners provide a better and more compact support in the shell and for the foot, especially on the insteps and heel fit.
  • Phatt Max Lite Power Strap - 55mm wide Velcro for enhanced power and pressure transfer.
  • Somatec - The natural V-position enables skiers to control their skis with absolute precision.
  • Party Mode - great cuff range of motion for skinning or partying and a lockout providing.
  • Dynafit Inserts - Guaranteed compatibility to all Tech-bindings and high wear resistance. Verified by lontime experience and use of these inserts.
COLOR: Black and Blue
SIZES: 25.5 - 30.5
CANTING: Borchia F 15 - red
BUCKLES SHELL: Tour Adventure
BOOT LINER: Thermoshape Tour
LAST: 102mm

WEIGHT: 1800g / 26.5
VELCRO STRAP: Phatt Maxx Lite