Fischer Profoil Climbing Skin (130mm multi fit)

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The PROFOIL climbing skin is a big departure from traditional climbing skins. Made from plastic, the PROFOIL has many benefits over mohair or synthetic skins. First is that it's durable. I've taken these in areas of low snow (not recommended) where traditional skins would rip off along the skin track. These can scratch but will still retain their structure. They also don't absorb water on those hot spring days, staying dry in your pack and not adding weight. Other than that, they perform similar to normal skins. Like any skin, they need some TLC - Make sure to use the provided separation sheet when folding up!

If you want to try out the PROFOIL on another ski then this trim-to-fit version is what you're looking for. It includes a trimming device to make short work of the trimming process. The plastic material is surprisingly easy to cut with the supplied box cutter.

Here's what Fischer has to say: 

The revolution: Fischer's exclusive PROFOIL is the easy-to-use and lightweight solution for all kind of randonnée skiers. The waterproof full-length ski base attachment powered by Fischer's Crown Technology is eliminating weight gain while ascending and provides permanent grip in all conditions.


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