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Fischer Alp Attack Carbon Race Pole

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A carbon skimo-race pole at a fair price....

Skimo racing demands a killer combo of aerobic fitness, on-snow technique, and of course dialed-in gear choices. You might be tempted to overlook your poles, until you realize how much a stiff, light, and well-designed pole can help you on those lung-destroying climbs. The Alp Attack pole from Fischer is one of the first purpose-built skimo racing poles, taking its design cues from backcountry poles and nordic equipment alike. The pole uses an extended foam grip below the cork handle to allow skiers to choke up during descents, so that the overall length can be optimized for climbs. The carbon layup in the shaft is stiff to prevent loss of power under poling, but durable enough not to explode in the event of a crash. The Alp Attack is so useful that you'll be tempted to take it beyond the race course to go powder-hunting, couloir-booting, and ridge-traversing -- all made possible by the pole's oversized floatation basket.

  • "Cut to Fit" sizing -- just use a hack saw or dremel tool to downsize from the stock 145cm length. 
  • Cork grip with foam under-grip makes it easy and comfortable to adjust hand position on the fly, during sidehills or descents.
  • OffTrack basket prevents the horrible "Pole Posthole" experienced with traditional, smaller nordic baskets.   
  • 20-30% lighter than comparable aluminum skimo or nordic race poles.
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