Atomic Backland Pro 27.5 Backcountry Boot
Atomic Backland Pro 27.5 Backcountry Boot
Atomic Backland Pro 27.5 Backcountry Boot
Atomic Backland Pro 27.5 Backcountry Boot
Load image into Gallery viewer, Atomic Backland Pro 27.5 Backcountry Boot
Load image into Gallery viewer, Atomic Backland Pro 27.5 Backcountry Boot
Load image into Gallery viewer, Atomic Backland Pro 27.5 Backcountry Boot
Load image into Gallery viewer, Atomic Backland Pro 27.5 Backcountry Boot

Atomic Backland Pro 27.5 Backcountry Boot

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Lightly used touring boots (19/20 model) in excellent condition. Size 27.5 (men's 9.5). Perfect backcountry boot to drive skis in that 1000 - 1500g range.

### Atomic Says: ###

The Atomic Backland Pro Touring Ski Boots are built for the backcountry. From it's lightweight Prolite construction to dialed Boa system, they feel light and fit great. They feature a Frictionless Pivot with Free/Lock 4.0 that releases the upper cuff for a wide range of motion for hiking up, then you simply lock it down for the descent. A breathable, washable Memory Fit Platinum Light liner on the inside keeps your feet comfortable and smelling fresh all season long. Get out and take your adventures to new heights with Atomic's Backland Pro Touring Ski Boots.

Prolite: Prolite is a way of building skis and boots that turns traditional thinking on its head. Instead of starting with a standard construction and cutting material away to save weight, Prolite does the opposite. It starts with the slimmest possible profile and then it builds up reinforcements in key areas where strength is needed - like the Energy Backbone down each boot spine and ski edge.

Energy Backbone: The Energy Backbone is a reinforced, asymmetric backbone in our Hawx Ultra and Hawx Ultra XTD, providing extra strength for powerful skiing plus enhanced lateral energy transmission for better edge grip.

Frictionless Pivot: Igus polymer bushings provide a completely natural movement for effortless ascents.

Memory Fit: Atomic Memory Fit is one of the quickest heat-fitting technologies around. The key is Memolink, our special additive that improves the moldability and stretch characteristics of our plastics. Thanks to this, all three elements of the boot can adapt to the foot - shell, cuff and liner. Expansion can be up to 6mm in forefoot width and up 10mm in ankle width, resulting in a permanent and complete anatomical fit in minutes.

Boa Fit System: Dial up or down to create your perfect fit - with a smooth, uniform closure - so you can put less energy into keeping your foot secure and more into keeping control. Push in to engage, turn to tighten or loosen and pull up the dial for a quick release.

True Flex: It's common to hear that boots stiffen up when it gets cold, or become softer in warm conditions. True Flex is an exclusive Atomic shell material that means your flex and feel remains constant in a variety of temperatures. So the boot you buy in store feels the same on the mountain, you don't lose horsepower in the spring and you don't have a boot you can't flex mid-winter.

Memory Fit 3D: Memory Fit 3D is our special liner featuring pre-shaped thermoformable heel and ankle areas, which creates a snug anatomical fit around the heel and ankle for a better foot hold. So there are no pressure points when you put the boot on for the first time. Then for continuous comfort we've given the liner a 1-piece toe box that precisely follows the shape of the shell and surrounds the foot with comfortable foam. Also included are special footbeds that have the best blend of initial cushioning and proper support. And finally it's 100% Memory Fit compatible.

Free/Lock 4.0: 74-degree Range of Motion with 13-degree (Default), 15-degree, 17-degree Adjustable Forward Lean Options. Simple, Light and Bombproof.

Skywalk Rubber Sole: Allows for a more natural gait and improves grip on tricky surfaces. This sole does not conform to any existing ISO standard and must only be used with bindings that use tech fittings at both toe and heel.

Investment Cast Tech Inserts: Tech inserts on the outsole for compatibility with touring-specific bindings.

Tongue Stabilizer: Add stability in the tongue for when you are climbing up.

Coreframe Construction: A thinner walled Sensitive Shell is reinforced by the Core-Frame element that runs under the midfoot from maleolus to maleolus and stiffens the shell where you drive the ski with a minimum of added weight. Delivers precise terrain feedback and maximum power transmission to the edges.

Riveted Oversized Pivot: The Riveted Oversized Pivot ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell.

4 Riveted Aluminum 3D Buckles: Choose from 3 different positions of the instep buckle for optimum in-step comfort, full customization and personalized foot hold.

35mm Strap: A 35mm strap to hold the foot securely and to offer constant elasticity.

Sense Amplifier Cuff: A new cuff design that promotes quicker rebound and better snow feel. 2 Position strap lets you select the level of power and rebound.

Women Calf Adjuster: Capable of adapting to different women's calf morphologies.

Women's Liner: Women's liner with an anatomic tongue made of highly moldable foams provides better shin and instep comfort in sensitive foot zones.

Tool-free Tooth Adjustment: Easy tool-free personalization to the lower leg volume by rotating and moving the lower buckle.

My Custom Fit 3D Seamless Pro Liner: New anatomically designed pre-shaped Pro liner without internal or external stitches. To improve comfort, precision and ensure a warmer fit.

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