We're closed until September 2nd - If you need something please email andrew@skithewhites.com

Winter 2019 Schedule

This winter we'll be tied down to our new rental / retail store located at Black Mountain in Jackson, NH. However, there are a handful of events that we'll be at and are always available by appointment. 

In Season Store Hours: Thursday - Sunday from 8am to 4pm. Mon - Wed by appointment (Starting December 7th)

Feel free to contact regarding gear to connect at the following events this winter:

 Date Event Location
November 3rd
ESAW Fryeburg, ME
November 14th
Meister Fit Night
Cranmore Mtn, NH
November 15th
Rising Tide Brewery (Attending only)
Portland, ME
November 17th
GBA Backcountry Film Fest
North Conway, NH
November 29th
Level 1 Premiere Boston
Boston, MA
December 1st
Backcountry Brews
Conway, NH
December 6th
Allspeed Film Fest (Attending only)
Portland, ME
December 8th
Opening Day at Black Mountain
Jackson, NH
January 4th
Friday Night Lights (Week 1)
Black Mountain, NH
January 9th Meisters Tour Series (Week 1) Cranmore Mountain, NH
January 10th
Racing To The Moon (Week 1) Shawnee Peak, ME
January 11th
Friday Night Lights (Week 2)
Black Mountain, NH
January 16th Meisters Tour Series (Week 2) Cranmore Mountain, NH
January 17th
Racing To The Moon (Week 2) Shawnee Peak, ME
January 18th
Friday Night Lights (Week 3)
Black Mountain, NH
January 23rd Meisters Tour Series (Week 3) Cranmore Mountain, NH
January 24th
Racing To The Moon (Week 3) Shawnee Peak, ME
January 25th
Friday Night Lights (Week 4)
Black Mountain, NH
January 26th
M.W. Otto Rhode Memorial
Great Glen, NH
January 30th Meisters Tour Series (Week 4) Cranmore Mountain, NH
January 31st
Racing To The Moon (Week 4) Shawnee Peak, ME
February 1st
Friday Night Lights (Week 5)
Black Mountain, NH
February 6th
Meisters Tour Series (Week 5) Cranmore Mountain, NH
February 7th
Racing To The Moon (Week 5) Shawnee Peak, ME
February 8th
Friday Night Lights (Week 6)
Black Mountain, NH
February 13th
Meisters Tour Series (Week 6) Cranmore Mountain, NH
February 14th
Racing To The Moon (Week 6) Shawnee Peak, ME
February 15th
Friday Night Lights (Week 7)
Black Mountain, NH
February 20th
Meisters Tour Series OFF Cranmore Mountain, NH
February 21st
Racing To The Moon (Week 7) Shawnee Peak, ME
February 22nd
Friday Night Lights (Week 8)
Black Mountain, NH
February 27th
Meisters Tour Series (Week 7) Cranmore Mountain, NH
February 28th
Racing To The Moon (Week 8) Shawnee Peak, ME
March 1st
Schneider Sprint
Cranmore, NH
March 6th Meisters Tour Series (Week 8) Cranmore Mountain, NH
March 7th
Racing To The Moon (Week 9 Finale) Shawnee Peak, ME
March 8th
Friday Night Lights (Week 9)
Black Mountain, NH
March 9th & 10th
Backcountry Ski Festival
North Conway, NH
March 13th Meisters Tour Series (Week 9 - Finale) Cranmore Mountain, NH
March 15th
Friday Night Lights (Week 10 - Finale)
Black Mountain, NH
April 6th
Wild Corn