NOCO Virtual Race test run

Click this link to join the NoCo Virtual Race Strava Event

Can be completed between November 1st to November 8th

There will be 3 downhill stages and 1 climbing stage. The downhill stages will be compounded together for an overall fastest time. The climbing stage will be required for all racers to complete, however there will be a separate race/prizes for the uphill stage. 

Prizes from by POC and CRAFT!

The test race will be as follows.

1. Start @ Hurricane Trail Sign, down Hurricane trail, Finish Redtail intersection

 >>CLIMBING STAGE: Start Hurricane/Redtail intersection, climb on Redtail, Finish at the Connector

2. Start @ Hurricane Trail Sign, New Connector Trail, down Upper Kandahar / Kettle traverse/ down Sendero, finish at Water Tower!

3. Start @ Hurricane sign, New connector right into Charlies, finish end of trail(when the trail finishes and dumps onto the ski trail)

Riders can do the stages in whatever order they want but we suggest the order listed above. 

All stages must be completed in one day. While this might be tough, fatigue from riding downhill is a real thing so let's push some limits!

All who compete will be entered into a raffle!

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