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Demo Industry Nine Hydra Trail Wheelset

Ever been curious about lighter weight wheels and faster engaging hubs? Wheel upgrades can improve ride quality and performance for riders of any ability. 

We are excited to offer an Industry Nine Hydra Wheel-set that can be demo-ed. These wheels are set up with Minion DHF and Minion DHR tires. They have an XD freehub body, but if you need HG or Microspline, just let us know! They currently have 200mm Sram rotors (front and rear) but can be swapped out easily to fit your bike. 

We are excited for you to see how much wheels can change the way your improved bike rides. 

Demo Wheels

The Industry Nine Hydra Hub is a new standard of performance across the industry. The bar was already set high with the Torch Hub that Industry Nine used to have as their flagship model but the Hydra pretty much blows the Torch Hub out of the water. With higher engagement hubs time is made up on the trail as the hub is as close to always being engaged as possible. This virtually eliminates that pedal stroke lag that can be felt when ratcheting through technical section when mountain biking. 

WARNING: if you are happy with your current wheels, you may feel the need to upgrade after trying these!  

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