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Voile Skis

What's better than a durable, lightweight, and playful ski that excels in most (if not all) conditions? An amazing do-it-all ski that's also Made in the U.S.A., of course! Voile is among the few manufacturers in the backcountry ski space making top-quality, super-light backcountry-specific skis on these shores -- specifically, at their factory in Salt Lake City, UT.  Even with the added manufacturing dollars spent on labor, they've set a benchmark on the price-to-performance ratio, and continue to push the envelope with lighter-weight constructions. At Ski the Whites, we're big fans of the Hyper Vector BC for all-around skiing in mixed conditions, as well as nordic-style touring on rolling terrain where skins might be overkill. We love the Hyper V6 as a quiver of one, especially in softer snow, and we couldn't be more stoked to do laps on deep days on the Hyper V8.
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