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2001 Toyota Tundra Truck

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It's time to let go of this beaut of a truck. New England winters have not been kind to her as the 4WD crapped out several years ago. She has had many exciting adventures in the White Mountains but really shined as the Jackson Transfer Station Chariot. 


  • New battery, fires right up.
  • Exhaust was replaced, still a small hole in the manifold(?) but passed inspection.
  • Camper top doors haven't fallen off.
  • Installed new windshield wipers at Last Skier Standing which rock.


  • No 4WD.
  • Mega rust.
  • Water will for sure drip out of the overhead sunglass holder after rain storm.
  • Missing front blinker cover (passenger side).
  • Sorry, it never came with a tailgate.

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