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Ski The Whites Stickers

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Rectangle: Ski The Whites OG stickers. Perfect size for skis, helmets, vehicles, mugs, and more. 1.8” x 4” and come in sets of two. Comes in White, Green, or Pink

Square: Basic, but high quality, vinyl sticker with new logo in 3" x 3" that will fit on skis, windows, coffee mugs, and anything else you'd like to rep. 

Landscape: Great for the car or get thrifty and split up the logo from the text. 6" x 2".

Circle: 3" black and white or 2" black and green

Bumper: Larger version of above - 3" x 9" 

Forest Badge: *NEW* 2.74" x 3

TransferClean durable / weatherproof vinyl material that will last the life of whatever you stick it on. Caution, sticks great on pretty much everything BUT skis - transfer stickers don't stand a chance on skis.