Fischer My Travers GR Women's Backcountry Boot

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The women's colorway and sizing of the Travers TS boot. 


  • Lightweight - hovering around the 1KG mark per boot, this is the slightly modified version of last year's My Travers.
  • Fits Most Feet - with just two adjustment mechanisms, the all-in-one buckle / power strap combined with the Lace Frame System Boa Closure System helps secure the foot in place for downhill. The lace liner is a must for keeping the liner tongue in place on the uphill. 
  • Massive Range of Motion - cuff articulation is king for boot comfort. You'll be spending 90% or more of your tour going uphill so it's critical that you're comfortable as possible. With the lockout lever disengaged, you'll get 80º range of motion. 


  • Weight: 1.1KG per boot
  • Last: 100mm
  • Cuff Articulation: 80º
  • Sizes: 23.5 - 27.5 (half sizes only)