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POMOCA Skins (Cut to Length)


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Pick your color... and performance.

Pomoca offers a ton of options for DIY skins. Add your own tip attachment, maybe skimp on the tail attachment, or make kids skins. Only take what you need, giving you the freedom to order the perfect length and width skins for your needs. 

We have the following:

Race Pro 2.0 59mm (pink): High performance skimo race skin.

Race Pro Grip 62mm (pink): Skimo skin for those firm / icy days for max coverage and grip.

Race 100mm (pink): Performance skins for skis < 95mm waist.

Free Pro 2.0 123mm (pink): Lightweight skins for skis <106mm waist.

Climb Pro S-Glide 120mm (teal): High performance grip and glide everyday skins.

Climb 2.0 120mm (yellow): Workhorse skins that are still lightweight and perform extremely well.

*For ordering add the desired length in centimeters, i.e. a pair of 175cm skins you'd enter 350 in the quantity. 


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