POMOCA Climb 2.0 Skins (Cut to Length)

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Affordable and Durable without giving up Performance.

The Climb 2.0 Skins are much like the S-Glide Skins but lack the proprietary "Glide" treatment. They still offer many of the same features and are an ideal all-around skin for the east coast. I've taken these skins with me on multi-day glacier tours and they were like new each morning. The glue is an industry best, not require much effort to separate the skins while still remaining sticky. These are the perfect everyday skin for backcountry skiers. This skin is 120mm wide and is recommended for backcountry skis up to 100mm underfoot. 

*For ordering add the desired length in centimeters, i.e. a pair of 175cm skins you'd enter 350 in the quantity. 


"Climb" Grip - wet or dry, the climb series grip comes from engineering material that retains dynamic tension and combines high elasticity with resistance to twisting and abrasion 

"Safer Skin" treatment waterproofing to prevent water saturation penetrating the skin and affecting the glue. This is critical for long spring tours where you can't afford to lose skin adhesion. 

"Ever Dry" anti-glopping treatment. This skin has been treated to resist balling up with snow in wet conditions. This means you won't have to worry about water-logging or snowmen accumulating under your skis on those hot pow approaches.