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Dynafit Alpine Pro Trail Shoe

Dynafit Alpine Pro Trail Shoe

Since they don't make this shoe in my size, I had Pier share his thoughts on this model. 

Product Review: Dynafit Alpine Pro trail shoe

Men’s Size 10

Pier Pennoyer

I have been consistently running in Salomon trail shoes for the last 4 years so when I was encouraged to try out the Dynafit Alpine Pro trail shoes, I was somewhat skeptical. At first glance, however, they did appear to be slightly similar in their design to the features I loved about Salomon (eg. Aggressive tread, quick lacing system, and reinforced toe bumper). Overall, after multiple runs, I can confidently say that I was impressed with the Dynafit Alpine Pros and will be using them a lot more this summer.

My initial test run in these shoes was down the Direttissima from Pinkham Notch, up the Glen Boulder trail, across the Davis Path, and down the Tuckerman Ravine trail. The 8.5 miles and 3,600 feet of vertical provided a wide array of trail conditions to test on; from soft ground cover in the forest to rugged high alpine rock. As I started out on the run, I noticed that this quick lace system, in combination with the snug fit provided by the exterior sleeve, was a snugger fit than any of the other trail shoes I’ve owned. The aggressive tread pattern provided excellent traction as I barreled across streams, hoped over slick rocks, and made my way towards the incline of the Glen Boulder trail. When ascending, I felt that the shoes breathability and light material (weighing at just about 300 grams!) enabled me to maintain my forward momentum and climb with speed. As any New England trail runner knows, the White Mountains (especially the higher summits) have a way of “chewing-up” shoes with the quintessential rocky, technical trails. However, it was this terrain that enabled the Alpine Pro to really shine as I confidently hopped over the technical sections and descended the steeps with confidence and ease. The mega grip compound clenched the bold granite and the reinforced carbon rock plate underneath was durable and kept my feet feeling fresh after crossing the Davis Path. Descending the Tuckerman trail with caution is always recommended and I was happy to have a shoe that held firmly to the ground beneath. But as soon as I passed HoJo’s I was able to return to my quick stride and descend at an impressive speed back to Pinkham Notch.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a trail shoe that can handle the rocky technical terrain of the White Mountains, but also understand that it usually takes a lengthy approach through denser forests to get to that higher alpine terrain, then this is the shoe for you!

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