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Why Yeti?

All Yeti bicycles are built on their Switch Infinity platform that creates a virtual pivot point as the bike cycles through its travel. A virtual pivot point allows the points of contact on the bicycle to move up and down in a closer to vertical fashion. In other words, as the wheels on the bicycle are pushed towards the frame, the points of contact stay much more level than comparative bicycles. Because the rear wheel travels in more of a vertical fashion than compared to single and split pivot suspension design, the rear end is able to match how the front end moves. Thus, the entire bike is able to stay level through compressions. 

Another benefit to the Switch Infinity design is that the rear wheel is able to stay on the ground more when pedaling through chunky sections. This results in more efficient pedaling and higher traction when the trail gets technical. 

There are other suspension designs that also create virtual pivot points like VPP and DW-Link (to name a few), however there is something more plush about Yeti’s very own Switch Infinity link. Built in conjunction with Ride Fox suspension, the Switch Infinity link is buttery smooth allowing your shock to behave how the engineers wanted. 

Every shock on a Yeti has a custom tune made to optimize your ride experience. With proper communication between the engineers at Yeti and the engineers at Ride Fox, a perfect curve has been created for each model. A shock tune is truly everything. A good tune on a shock can make or break how good a frame is. 

There is a reason people will stop to look at a Yeti when riding and then soon proceed to ask you questions. This could be a result of the state of the art geometry and linkage. It should be noted that on top of the best platform on the market, they make every one of their bikes eye candy. With carbon tubing that seems to perfectly link up like the lines on a Frank Lloyd Wright house it can be hard to take your eyes off the frame.

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